Hi, I'm Juanma Jiménez, Visual Designer located in Madrid, Spain. Currently, I'm working for Tuenti, a Spanish social network meant for sharing experiences with the people around you. If you're interested in my portfolio, please don't hesitate to contact me directly via email. You can also view my online resume.

Thanks for your time!


Online shop for unique gifts for friends and family.

I wanted to do something fun and unique and I was given the opportunity to some lettering with a special touch. The idea was to find a way to write the entire brandname without lifting the pencil from the paper, making the construction completely dynamic.

This project gave me the opportunity to deeply experiment with lettering in addition to using Tombow ABT and Pentel Brush Pen, the latter being an amazing discovery because of how easy it is to glide and change the thickness with each stroke. After working on paper, I finally decided to change to digitalization with Adobe Illustrator.

Bumbusu 01 Bumbusu 02 Bumbusu 03 Bumbusu 04 Bumbusu 05 Bumbusu 06 Bumbusu 07

HivePlay - Ballantine´s

A Jukebox on your Smartphone.

This project required adapting Ballantine's brand image to the HivePlay application which allows you to listen to your favorite music in your local bars and hangouts. You just have to find a place that has HivePlay, check in, and search for the song you want to hear. You can also vote for a song and it will be added to the playlist as the next song.

The entire application was mapped and each and every one of the screens was redesigned. I wanted to give it a simple and elegant style without losing the essence of brand. This project was completed for both iOS and Android.

HivePlay - Ballantine´s 01 HivePlay - Ballantine´s 02 HivePlay - Ballantine´s 03 HivePlay - Ballantine´s 04 HivePlay - Ballantine´s 05 HivePlay - Ballantine´s 06


Spanish social network for sharing experiences with those around you.

I'm currently working for Tuenti which is based in Madrid, Spain where I am a visual designer. My work has been centered in user interface design for both mobile and traditional web for each project with each team (project managers, interaction designers, and developers) from the conceptualization to the implementation stage.

Of those projects that have been developed for mobiles, I have worked with Android, IOS, and Windows Phone platforms. Beginning with design, development guides, and asset creation for all of the various screen resolutions of each platform.

Tuenti 01 Tuenti 02 Tuenti 03 Tuenti 04 Tuenti 05 Tuenti 06 Tuenti 07 Tuenti 08 Tuenti 10

Tuenti Móvil

Virtual Mobile Operator.

This was my first project at Tuenti. There was already a specific section for the new virtual mobile operator, but something different, with its own entity was needed. With that goal in mind, I begin to design a series of visual concepts that were scaleable since they were going to be managed by a CMS.

A visual line was approved upon which an entire guide of possibilities started being created for placing modules for products, images, image + text, highlighted products, etc. Additionally, the buying process needed to have a structure that would allow us to play around with each of the different possibilities easily.

Tuenti Móvil 01 Tuenti Móvil 02 Tuenti Móvil 03 Tuenti Móvil 04 Tuenti Móvil 05 Tuenti Móvil 06 Tuenti Móvil 07